Stairville DJ-X 16 DMX mixer Factory Reset & Fader/Button Patching

This console represents a great value for the money! It’s a shame the user manual is not well detailed and does not allow the average user to access all the advanded functions of the device.

Here i will explain how to patch faders and buttons to specific non-adjacent DMX channels, because yes, this 79€ console allows patching!


Long press the button PATCH, the led next to it will lit and the display will show numbers as XX:YY

YY: is the DMX channel (in the range 01-96)

XX: is the physical control ID, 01-08 are the faders and 09-16 the buttons. 00 means “always zero” and FF means “always maximum value”.

Now you have to focus on a DMX channel first and then patch it to a physical control:

a) Press STEP up/down to select the DMX channel
b) Then press PATTERN up/down to selet which control to patch the channel to.

As you can see, you can patch multiple DMX channels to a single physical control.
The patches are applied immediately!
Press SHIFT+StandBY to return to manual mode.

To recover from any messed up settings, hold SHIFT and then press the LATCH buttons in this sequence: 9,13,10,14,11,15,12,16. Release SHIFT, the display will show “RESE”. The unit is now reset.