Bluetooth LED notifier for Android OS

Messing around with Android, AVR and a Bluetooth module ended up with this tiny LED+vibro notifier, controlled by a bluetooth SPP module.I’m currenty working on the app side, to catch system events such as incoming calls, notifications, messages and so on..

The BT module is an HC-05, based on the CSR-417 chip, implements just SPP.
The AT mode allows you to change name, pin, master/slave behaviour and many other features of the module.

The AVR implements decoding of the simple commands for PWM led control and motor on/off control and detection of connection status.

The motor is driven directly by the AVR pins, 4 of them are soldered together in order to provide 4 times the current drawable from a single pin (4x20mA = 80mA).
The bluetooth module is powered by the AVR in the same manner.

The batteries are always connected, if the AVR does not detect any connection, turns off the BT module and falls into deep sleep mode. Wake up is triggered by pressing the reset button.

In the video you can see that the power comes just from 2 AA batteries, the whole system draws approx. 40mA while waiting for pairing and just 8mA once paired and idle.

Schematics and code are coming as soon as possible ;)